Camp out in Haywire Plano’s new rooftop tents

What better way to enjoy rooftop dining, and made from scratch Texas plates, than with Haywire Plano’s new climate-controlled patio tents? Haywire’s already popular rooftop dining experience now includes three new private, 15-foot tents that are perfect for cooling down and kicking back. Each tent has its own unique style and seats up to six guests. Whether your vibe is modern Texas chic, or you’re in more of a relaxing at the ranch kind of mood, these new dining tents are a great way to impress your friends, or surprise your family with a special dining experience.

No matter which style tent you chose, be sure to plan ahead, because these tents will book quickly.

Tents are available for reservations in 2-hour increments with a $100 fee Monday-Thursday and a $150 fee Friday-Sunday. Book your tent reservation here!

El Cosmico

Meet the El Cosmico tent, a dining space that was designed to bring one of West Texas’ most popular cultural destinations, the El Cosmico, to you. Experience Marfa-inspired Texas glamor by hosting an intimate birthday dinner or happy hour with your closest friends in this distinct dining space. Trendy, Bohemian-style features like a sparkling star-burst pendant light fixture and custom-framed art prints make El Cosmico ideal for Instagrammable moments!

The Judd

With dramatic tufted walls and a beautiful crystal chandelier, The Judd tent is modern Texas chic redefined. Named after Marfa’s famous Judd family, this tent is the perfect place for weekend brunch with your favorite girlfriends. Because brunch cocktails like the Pomegranate Spritz and Cucumber Jalapeno Refresher are meant to be enjoyed under a dazzling chandelier.

The Yellowstone

Don’t be afraid to wear your cowboy hat and boots when you reserve The Yellowstone tent. If you’re searching for a true Texas dining experience that will impress out-of-town clients, the Dutton Ranch-inspired Yellowstone tent is the Western dining experience you’ve been looking for. Ranch to table dishes like the Roasted American Bison filet are right at home in this cowboy-inspired tent. The Yellowstone’s leather-belt buckle wall is included free of charge.